The essence of true agility is managing to be both stable and dynamic”  Anticipate and respond to rapidly shifting and challenging conditions as well as effectively manage complex, interdependent relationships while continually delivering high performance is embedded to our strategy formulation. In a rapidly changing, turbulent and ambiguous global environment, having proactive approach to change is an asset. We transform information into insight with a willingness to rethink past assumptions - in response to market movements so as to encourage our customers to be proactive, too, through our solutions. We anticipate emerging threats and opportunities by continually scanning both internal and external environment for new developments.


“Committed to technical advancement and continuous improvement” Through constant research we set innovative benchmarks and high quality standards leveraging our expertise and experience, always conscious of environmental demands. Our continuous effort is to improve, enhance and upgrade our product range, closely monitoring both needs and “gaps” of the market. New methods and production techniques using innovative technologies are the tools for constantly growing and adapting to the changes of the demanding marketplace. Examining situations from multiple perspectives and connecting the dots between seemingly disparate issues allow us to generate novel strategic insights. We seek feedback from multiple sources and use both mistakes and successes as lever to/fodder for continual learning and development


Committed to respect, accountability and reliability in everything , we are getting involved. 


Quality is more than a promise. It’s a genuine performance

Leveraging our unquestionable knowledge and expertise, we focus on developing innovative solutions to respond to complex manufacturing challenges and achieve performance optimization through delivering high quality products and customer support services.  


We create quality products for optimum results but also we deliver them in an environmental friendly way. To achieve this, we make use of specialty chemicals & enzymes to manufacture biodegradable products with high awareness towards the humans and the environment – strictly complying to all regulations.


Particular emphasis is given to the continuous technical support of our customers, covering full engineering cycle. Our expert team trains customer’s production/QA staff to ensure that the products are used accordingly to the recommended procedures.


Α customer – oriented view of business, staying tuned to changing customer needs and market conditions as well as creating long-term relationships are the basis for a continuous effort to keep customer at the center.


Surfchem focus in designing high-end, environmentally friendly products to meet existing and latent market needs

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